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A picture of the Principal, Ashley Porter Ashley Porter Principal
A picture of Ruth Spearman Ruth Spearman Assistant Principal

Office Staff 

An image of Audrey Matthews. Audrey Matthews Medicine Clerk
A picture of Judith Singletary Judith Singletary Bookkeeper
A picture of Jacqueline Turner Jacqueline Turner Data Manager / Administrative Assistant

Pre-Kindergarten Teachers

A picture of Sue Brigman Sue Brigman Teacher
A picture of Beverly Warren Beverly Warren Teacher

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant

 A picture of Rebecca Ballance Rebecca Ballance Teacher Assistant

Kindergarten Teachers

A picture of Teresa Albertson Teresa Albertson Teacher
An image of Jonilynn Lindsey. Jonilynn Lindsey Teacher
A picture of Lauren Nesbitt Lauren Nesbitt Teacher
A picture of Catelyn Zoch Catelyn Zoch Teacher

Kindergarten Assistants

A picture of Beth Elliott Beth Elliott Teacher Assistant
An image of Latoyka Scott. Latoyka Scott Teacher Assistant
A picture of Sherry Thurmon Sherry Thurman Teacher Assistant

First Grade Teachers

Image of Don'Nisha Ambrose Don’Nisha Ambrose  Teacher
A picture of Mrs. Cassone Melinda Cassone Teacher
Image of Claire West Claire West Teacher

First Grade Assistant

A picture of Yolanda McPherson Yolanda McPherson Teacher Assistant

Second Grade Teachers

A picture of Abigail Day Abigail Day Teacher
Image of Billie Faircloth Billie Faircloth Teacher
Image of Jan Hinson Jan Hinson Teacher

Third Grade Teachers

Image of Chelsi Graham Chelsi Graham Teacher
Image of Lauren Klauger Lauren Klauger Teacher
Image of Kimberly McPhail Kimberly McPhail Teacher

Fourth Grade Teachers

Image of Yolanda Barefoot Yolanda Barefoot Teacher
A picture of Lois Caster Lois Caster Teacher
A picture of Karsyn Daniels Karsyn Daniels Teacher
Image of Samantha Kozak Samantha Kozak Teacher

Fifth Grade Teachers

A picture of Emily Haire Emily Haire Teacher
Image of Kelly Osornio, Kelly Osornio Teacher
Image of Melissa Seagroves Melissa Seagroves Teacher
A picture of Tricia Stinnett Tricia Stinnett Teacher

Resource Staff

Image of Anthony Cassone Anthony Cassone Physical Education
Image of Kate Cobb Kate Cobb Theatre Arts
Image of Sandra Ezzelle Sandra Ezzelle Computer Lab/Web Manager
A picture of Kyle Harding Kyle Harding Art
Image of Sonya Register Sonya Register Media Coordinator


Image of Colleen Tichich Colleen Tichich  Music
A picture of Alex Williams Alex Williams Strings

Student Support Staff

Image of Lauren Blashford Lauren Blashford Discovery
Precious Buckner Social Worker
Image of Jennifer Butler Jennifer Butler Guidance Counselor
A picture of Nijelle Dixon Nijelle Dixon Speech
Stephanie Kieschnik Exceptional Children Case Manager
A picture of Nicholas May Nick May Exceptional Children Teacher
Paula McLamb English Second Language
Image of Angela Melvin Angela Melvin School Nurse
A picture of Marian Morgan Marian Morgan AIG
A picture of Judy Norris Judy Norris Psychologist
Image of Stephanie Overman Stephanie Overman Occupational Therapist
Image of Amy Patterson Amy Patterson Exceptional Children Teacher
Image of Michelle Plesser Michelle Plesser Instructional Coach
Susan Smyth Behavior Coach

Custodial Staff

A picture of Charlotte Baggett Charlotte Baggett Custodian
Image of Connie Britton Connie Britton Custodian
A picture of Terrance Delbridge Terrance Delbridge Custodian
 Wayne Evans Head Custodian

Cafeteria Staff  

Cafeteria Phone Number 910-483-3709
Jessica Averitte Assistant Manager
Sheila Carter
Patti Kasper Manager
Donna McLamb
Published by Sandra Ezzelle on January 21, 2020